Thoughts From the Mat

Whatever we attune ourselves to, or focus on, is what we often times see show up for us in everyday life. It says, wherever we place our intention, our energy flows. So when we place our attention on Love we see and feel love throughout our days.




What a great thing to radiate…Love! 



You might still be surprised to notice the beautiful synchronicity of life in this way. It is one of my favorite finds in life… Whether it’s talking to a friend about another friend and they later call you to catch up, or discussing something with your partner at home and then later overhearing co-workers talking about just the same topic, bringing you back to a similar discussion.


This amazing part of our world, of the universe, can provide such a fabulous realization of the interconnectedness of everything… and of everyone.


Let us start this week with new eyes, open to the beautiful life that is before us every second.

Happy Monday & Namaste,