Benefits of Chlorophyll for Dogs!

Are your fur babies eating grass??

Whether your four-legged friend knows it or not, the chlorophyll found in grass is your dog’s subtle attempt to obtain what his/her body naturally craves in order to improve acute digestive problems!

The problem with eating grass however, a dogs digestive system cannot digest the grass well enough to benefit from it’s beneficial chlorophyll!

Providing your dog natural foods containing a good healthy source of chlorophyll ultimately leads to a healthier and happier life for your pet!

There are a number of ways to start adding this vital ingredient to your pet’s diet, whether you choose to supply them with supplements, natural human foods, or dog treats ~ each of these ways is proven SAFE for your dog!

If you really think about it, what wouldn’t you do to strengthen your pet’s energy levels and immune system? What wouldn’t you do to add years to your dogs life and save them the trouble of throwing back that unpleasant grass every day!

Well we’ve made it easy for you! We’ve designed a list of well known food sources containing the perfect amount of chlorophyll for your pet’s diet. All you have to do isย  provide them with this essential ingredient and watch their lives become so much more enjoyable!

Any of these items can be chopped up and lightly sauteed, just before adding it to your dogs regular dinner portion!

  1. one cup spinach
  2. one cup parsley
  3. one cup green beans
  4. one cup sugar peas
  5. one cup chinese cabbage

And if you find that your dog isn’t crazy about how some of these greens taste, fret not!

We’ve also formulated a way for you to sneak these veggies into your pet’s diet, combined with something sweeter!

Just combine one or more of the veggies listed above with any of the following!

  1. Banana
  2. Yogurt
  3. Pumpkin
  4. Apple peices
  5. Kefir

After combining one or more green veggies with a much sweeter treat, place the mixture in hollowed marrow bones, toys, or even ice cube trays for a yummy frozen treat!! ๐Ÿ™‚

So, what is Chlorophyll?

How does it work in the body?

Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in just about all plants. It is critical in the process of photosynthesis, aiding plants in absorbing energy through the light!

When our dogs eat chlorophyll (or attempt to by eating grass), they’re actually attempting to help build the health of their blood. This is exactly what chlorophyll does for the body! – I bet you never knew your dog was so in tune with his own health! ๐Ÿ™‚ –

The health of the body’s blood is built by replenishing red blood cells. In fact, the molecular structure of chlorophyll is almost completely identical to Hemoglobin -that of which is responsible for carrying oxygen to all organs and cells!

Recent studies have shown us that chlorophyll blocks pro-carcinogens such as aflatoxins that damage DNA! This blockage results in strong cancer protection for your beloved pet!! And miraculously enough, studies have also shown that chlorophyll can bind to toxic heavy metals in the body, serving as quite the impressive elimination process! Having this important benefit can prevent organ damage such as kidney failure! Chlorophyll works like magic inside the body, working hard to increase oxygen utilization throughout the body. This also helps cleanse all the cells of the body, providing other enormous benefits for your pet!

Major benefits of chlorophyll for your dog include:

  1. Stronger fight against infection and disease
  2. Faster and better healing wounds
  3. Stronger and healthier immune system
  4. Stronger and more effective detoxification of the immune system, liver, and digestive system
  5. Supreme promotion of health and clean working body systems all around, eliminating waste and toxins from the blood and body like never before through theย  break down of calcium oxalate stones in the bladder
  6. Protects against cancer
  7. Regenerates red blood cells
  8. Increases energy levels
  9. Cleans digestive tract
  10. Cleans & detoxifies bloodstream
  11. Eliminates free radicals
  12. Helps with colon health and stool problems
  13. Cuts out grazing and grass eating
  14. helps improve oral health & prevention of gum disease

The changes to make for your dog’s life are simple. And the results are fast acting and long lasting! Just by adding a good healthy source of chlorophyll to your pet’s diet, you are safely promoting a healthy digestive system, (which is EXTREMELY important for those dogs eating grass –ย  suffering from an acute digestive problem).

The benefits are endless, and the results are well worth it. Aside from all serious health benefits, you may also notice a large improvement in your dogs horrible breath! ๐Ÿ™‚

Chlorophyll is known to have outstanding benefits on your pet’s overall oral health. Working to eliminate odors in the mouth, and severely reducing the chances of gum disease. So there you have it! Fixing that bad breath is just the cherry on top of all the highly important health benefits now available to your precious fur baby!



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