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Jason Hunter

Position:Massage Therapist
Experience:LMT (Wauwatosa Certified Massage Therapist #2015-10)
Jason has been a massage therapist for 7 years upon graduating from Everest College in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. Being a long-time QiGong master, Jason believes that this martial arts form is mutually beneficial for all that are involved in the practice. For this reason, he incorporates QiGong energy healing in massage therapy work with both humans and animals. Jason offers an Ener-chi fit course every Sunday, in which he blends a mixture of dance, qi-gong, and self-defense techniques to encourage natural movement in the body.
Tui Na 100%
Tai Chi 100%
Deep Tissue 100%
Relaxation 100%
Canine 100%
QiGong Energy Healing 100%
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