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Position:Massage Therapist
Experience:WCMT (Wisconsin Certified Massage Therapist #12111-146)
A graduate of Wisconsin School of Massage, Christine has focused on treating both acute and chronic pain through Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. This a manual therapy which seeks the soft-tissue cause of pain in order to treat it precisely and efficiently using massage techniques. She is sought by clients who are suffering from sports injuries or stress-related pain and those recovering from surgery. Christine offers neuromuscular therapy (along with deep tissue and relaxation massage) to clients like carpenters, nurses, and computer workers who may worry that repetitive injury may force them to take disability leave. Often a short series of her treatments allows these clients break through the vicious cycle of pain. Mysterious pain involving the jaw/headaches/neck tension (TMJ problems) might not be relieved by the common mouth guard. Christine is trained to perform massage for temporomandibular dysfunction. She regularly teaches self-care massage techniques to help clients extend the benefits of massage into a maintenance lifestyle. Christine also welcomes elderly, frail or anxious clients who need the soothing relief of massage. The same sensitivity and precision that allows Christine to treat her athletic clients also prepares her to treat delicate clients with the gentle effectiveness they deserve. It is a joy for Christine to see her clients succeed in work or play after treatment.
PNMT 100%
Hot Stone 100%
Prenatal 100%
Relaxation 100%
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