What A Rejuvenating experience: Thai Yoga Massage


WOW. I am so grateful that I got to experience a Thai Yoga Massage, it was the most rejuvenating experience I have had thus far in my life. Branching out, I wanted to experience a more holistic avenue to wellness and well-being. Thai Yoga Massage caught my attention and I was dying to experience one. Going in to it, I thought I would be mimicking the therapist and doing the moves myself, which had me slightly intimidated because I am not the best at yoga. During the session I quickly learned that my preconceived notion was very off.

My Personal Experience

Walking into the room, soothing music filled my ears. Michael, my therapist for the session, had me sit in a cozy chair in the room as he asked me several questions before beginning. We went over different locations of my body that have been displaying pain and some of my family history. This allowed him to gain knowledge on my body before starting. I answered the questions and then laid down on the most comfortable mat I have ever gotten to lay on. The mat was sprawled out in the center of the room. It was inviting from the moment I walked in. Michael had me lay on my back and directed me to allow my muscles and body to relax.

Most massages give you the option to leave on or take off your clothes. During this one clothes stays on. I am new to the world of massages and am such an active person the getting my body to relax is not always the easiest thing. Instead of feeling slightly embarrassed telling this to Michael, I was overwhelmed with joy with how thorough he broke it down for me, and in turn how easily I could accomplish the task. During the session, Michael moved my body into different positions. It was like I was having the yoga done too me. All I know is I never knew stretching could feel so good and have such positive effects afterwards. Michael mad the whole experience so enjoyable.


Recapping, in some more technical terms, a Thai Yoga Massage is a full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically. The session is occurs on a mat on the floor. Both the client and therapist are dresses in comfortable clothing that allow for easy movement. Throughout the treatment, the therapist pulls, stretches, compresses, and rocks the body. This relieves tension and clears energy blockages. Thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet are all used in the dance of moment the therapist preforms. This allows for joints to open, the stretching of muscles and tendons, the toning of internal organs, and energy balance throughout the body. Thai yoga allows you to experience deep relaxation and both physical and mental rejuvenation. I highly recommend this massage, it is an experience like no other! You won’t be able to book your next appointment soon enough!


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