Peruvian Vessels: Whistling of the Gods

Vessels for Enlightenment

Contrary to their name, Peruvian Vessels are not musical instruments, they are dated pre-Colombian artifacts holding high psycho-acoustic properties which have been known to aid with enlightenment.   Psycho-acoustics, the name given to the branch of psychology that concerns itself with sound the effect on the human psyche. Many catalysts under study in this field are capable of inducing a profoundly beautiful, positive, and beneficial state of consciousness. Users  blow into these Peruvian Vessels to produce a serene sound taking them to another sense of reality.

Don Wright, a psychotherapist based in California, makes accurate representations of the Peruvian Vessels. In an interview with Richard Rodgers, he reveals when he first came into contact with the Peruvian Vessels while studying psychology and theology at Boston College. One of Wright’s professors gave him the inspiration to seek out and discover the many cultural rituals and techniques related to altering the human consciousness. Wright shares his experience with these Whistling Vessels at a friend’s apartment,but he struggles to find the correct words. “…I became aware of this cylinder which was in the center of the room yet, was somehow larger than the room so that it was incongruent. I can’t explain that…in the room but, somehow larger than the room. Anyway, it was (the cylinder) infinitely going in both directions (up and down) and the density and thickness of the wall of the cylinder was void beyond coldness…” (Rodgers).

Peruvian Vessels and Their Properties

People feel a sensation that is very unique and complex to them. They begin to feel a small sense of disassociation from reality which starts the activation of Kundalini. Kundalini is the form of primal energy located at the base of the spine. Kundalini has been connected to other rituals of altered states of reality, and this particular activation leaves many with an internal vibration. The sounds start to take you further and further until you are completely at peace. Once you have finished your session, there will be an obvious mood of calm over you. No matter your metaphysical background, when you sit and use these Vessels, the vibrations heard and felt become a pure form of just existing. The experience is a direct manipulation of emotion by sound, even beginners say they recognize the experience.

When we blow the vessels we are becoming a part of the instrument. While playing it time flies and what you think was only twenty minutes actually was over an hour! This instrument allows you to explore new realms of consciousness in a safe way! Juniper blended into the vessels helps to clear any negativity. The Vessels are cleared and blessed with other sacred ingredients mixed into their clay form. Peruvian Vessels can be played by a number of people ranging from one to eight. Sets of vessels are made to be played only in that set and are deemed sacred in their respective cultures.

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