Personal Mandala Workshop

Personal Mandala Workshop @ Healing Hands Therapy Center

On Tuesday March 21st Healing Hands kicked off the Spring Season with a workshop led by Dawn Mader, Canadian Born artist of 25 years. The event began with a Gratitude Meditation to awaken the body. After our group meditation, we prepared our bodies for the painting workshop with Tea and rich dark chocolate. Dawn provided professional guidance, as well as all of the art materials, including ARCHES watercolor paper and Derwent water-color pencils.

So what exactly is a Personal Mandala? In Sanskrit, Mandala mean circle or like a circle which represents wholeness and denotes balance and eternity as the distance from its center to all points on it remains the same, from which ever point it is measured. Like so, your Personal Mandala is a reflection of your feelings, heart and soul and represent your past, present and future or your whole life.

“My purpose is to HEIGHTEN YOUR CREATIVE AWARENESS and guide you through an amazing journey of “Self Discovery” through painting. I feel it is a positive step toward a better world, filled with caring, loving people that will share their experiences. I am filled with gratitude to share my Artistic journey and help my fellow Artists and Dreamers grow their natural creativity. In my workshops I encourage lots of laughing and not to take yourself so serious,” says Dawn.

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By: Danica Nikezic