Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy/PNMT

Neuromuscular Therapy MilwaukeeNeuromuscular Therapy Massage & Precision Neuromuscular Therapy involves deep tissue massage techniques specific to one or more areas of chronic pain or concern. But more than that, it uncovers patterns of pain in the body and considers how people use their bodies in deciding how to treat. Neuromuscular therapy is designed to affect the various layer of fascia that support muscle tissues and loosen bonds between layers of connective tissue. It identifies the tissue abnormalities and at the same time manipulates the soft tissue to normalize its function.  It is the therapy of choice for accident, injuries, repetitive use injuries, chronic stiffness and soreness, headaches, TMJ dysfunctions and various other conditions. Healing Hands has been performing therapeutic massage longer than any other Milwaukee massage clinic and is your best choice for all therapeutic massage in Southeastern Wisconsin. Neuromuscular Therapy Milwaukee

$80.00 for 60min.*


*Prices listed reflect our discounted out of pocket rates.

healing hands therapy center provides neuromuscular therapy at our Wauwatosa location. Call 414.476.9008 to schedule an appointment for chronic pain relief with neuromuscular therapy TODAY!

Neuromuscular Therapy helps with the following:

Shoulder pain

Nerve impingement





Neck stiffness



Tingling in arms and hand