Mind Body Connection, Making your thoughts work for you.

The Mind and Body are not separate, what affects one, affects the other.

It’s not difficult to understand the concept of a mind body connection. We’ve all experienced how emotional stress affects our physical bodies.

The harder part is learning how to manage the emotional or mental load that is straining our bodies.  The key is enhancing your mind’s positive effect on your body. This is called Mind-Body Practices, which include behavioral, psychological, social expressive and spiritual approaches.

There has been a lot of research done on this topic. Studies have proved that our immune system suffers when we are under stress. There’s been proof that meditation helps patients reduce pain. Babies clearly thrive when comforted by touch.

We know that there is the concept of mental or emotional stress getting trapped in our physical bodies.  Many Massage Therapists have experienced their client having an emotional reaction during their massage.  This can happen when emotions get released as certain areas of the body are worked on.

Our bodies are a reflection of everything we’ve lived through,  mind-body practices can teach us how to access the stored emotions and learn how to release them.

Massage Therapy educates the mind-body connection through the skin.

This is considered our largest organ. Your skin acts as kind of an “outer brain” helping filter messages to your nervous system. What happens in your body reverberates in your brain.  As bodywork reduces tension in your body, it also calms your mind. Stressful and harmful thoughts are lessened as your body relaxes. Once your physical pain is gone or lessened, massage can help elevate your mood with the release of endorphins. These act as a natural pain-killer and help you feel better overall.

Mindful Meditation can have similar effects to getting a massage.  Keeping your body,mind and spirit relaxed for longer periods of time can help you avoid the negative effects of stress.

This system interacts with all the influences in your life and it has a huge impact on your health.

The foundation to all mind body work is to help train your mind to be fully focused in the present. This can help distract you from pain, or disappointments that your mind is dwelling on. Through these techniques, you can strengthen your power of positive thinking and enhance your mind’s influence on your body to improve how you feel.

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