A Holistic Approach to Fleas, Ticks, and Mosquitoes

 Natural Insect Repellent: Essential Oils

We can’t wait for the summer months to roll around, unfortunately when they do so do pests to our pets. Fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are very prevalent for dogs in warm weather months. Many pet owners turn to chemical mixtures to fight off these pests not knowing there is a holistic approach not only as beneficial but even more so. Essential oils can be used against fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes as a natural insect repellent. These blood-sucking pests won’t have a choice but to stay away!

There is an added bonus to using essential oils!

Not only will essential oils repel bugs, but they also help improve the overall well being of your dog’s health! Chemical treatments don’t have this feature, and in fact, many times they actually can cause harm. Chemical treatments, along with some vaccines, a poor diet, and high stress level, can all contribute to lowering your canine’s immune system. This then makes it easier for illness, irritation, and infestation to occur. A fresh whole food diet fed to your dog can also aid in making them less susceptible to pests. A fresh whole food diet No matter how healthy your dog may be their is always that chance of them falling victim to fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Effective Oils

When purchasing oils make sure they come from a company that sells to aromatherapists. Only high quality essential oils should be used. Store bought oils are generally poor quality and may cause an allergic reaction .

Cedarwood- Keeps ticks and fleas away as well as calms and grounds.

Eucalyptus- Very good against flying bugs, especially mosquitoes.

Geranium- Great in repelling ticks, lice and fleas. It also is relaxing and cooling.

Lavender- Great for fleas and other crawling insects. Also soothes irritation from flea bites. Great for dogs who are nervous or overly excitable.

Lemongrass- Very effective bug repellent. Also good for digestive problems and arthritis.

Essential oils aren’t the only other avenue

Not all dogs like essential oils. If for some reason your canine runs away when you bring out an oil bottle, there are some other protective measures you can try.

  • Buy or create your own repellent lotion that uses essential oils.
  • Instead of rubbing the essential oils on your canine’s coat, add a few drops into their water bowl. Lemongrass is great to do this with. If you wish to do this technique with other oils be sure to check if they are edible. Lemongrass in the bowl will inhibit mosquitoes and fleas.
  • Buy or create your own conditioning/flea repellent wash. Wet your dog first and after apply the conditioner to their coat, leaving it to air dry.
  • If your dogs outside in a bug infested area, you can use a kerchief. Spray the kerchief with diluted bug repellent lotion before tying it to your dog’s neck and then remove it once your home.

Less is more

When you’re using essential oils, it is important to remember that less is more. Always use the minimum amount of drops that is recommended for each oil and to only apply it when needed. If the oils are not diluted or used too often they can overwhelm a dogs system. When used correctly your canine’s immune system will be in its best shape and be ready to repel ticks, fleas and mosquitoes!

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