30% off select FitPAWs Canine Agility Products!!!

FitPAWs supports dog fitness, stands behind their products and most importantly, this company produces all their products with safety in mind. FitPAWs equipment can be utilized on a daily basis and improves numerous areas in your canine’s life! Working with your canine and the products also, as a bonus, further enhances the relationship between you and your furry best friend. The equipment improves strength, balance, stamina, mental focus, flexibility, and coordination. Best of all, this is a holistic approach to improving your dog’s health and confidence.

areas FitPAWs products aid in:

  • recovering from surgery
  • show ring posture
  • performance dog techniques
  • injury prevention
  • conditioning
  • weight loss
  • behavioral changes
  • body awareness

Not only is this new relationship of Healing Hands and FitPAWS great, but it gets even better yet! April is NATIONAL CANINE FITNESS Month! It could not be a better month than now to start acquiring products that further advance your canine in such an array of areas, especially because SELECT PRODUCTS ARE 30% OFF IN APRIL!! This news is so exciting because it is the perfect Segway into bettering your best friends health and maintaining it. This months discounted products include: select FUNctional canine fitness apparel, Balance Discs, Donuts, Donut Holders, Paw Pods, Targets, Wobble Board and a Hurdle Set.

  • Balance Dics are great because they turn any flat surface into an active one. It is a great item for beginner balance training, rehabilitation, and general fitness.Balance-Disks-Dogs
  • Donut increases performance, mobility, and even aids in preventing injuries! The Dog Donut Ball will improve your canine’s flexibility, focus attention, core and muscle strength, body awareness, and confidence as well as enhancing your bond with your furry friend.
  • Donut Holder works in conjunction to help stabilize the FitPAWS Donut and other products such as the FitPAWS Wobble Board. This is the perfect training tool to build confidence in balance exercises.
  • Paw Pods aid in improving dynamic balance, independent limb awareness and coordination. The Paw Pods also have a great function in enhancing stack training coordination.


  • Targets is a fun training game that is an engaging way to teach your canine. Teach them limb awareness by having them step on the target, use the target to have them stay in a particular place, further body awareness, conformation stacking, and target training of course. The possibilities are endless with this product and you’ll enjoy all the creative fun training games that are possible!


  • Wobble Board comes in two sizes, 36” and 20”. It is a great tool for dynamic balance training. It adds to cross-training as the product rotates a full 360degrees. It also helps in increasing range of motion, multi-directional balance, body awareness, and with conditioning and strengthening.
  • WobbleBoard_Action-104x97The Hurdle Set is very multi-functional and has great value. It aids in cardio, agility, body awareness, and gait training.


There are so many fun, functional products Healing Hands now offers to maintain your canine’s fitness! This moth is the perfect time to take advantage of the 30% off discount on select items and strongly embrace National Canine Fitness Month!

To place an order, please visit: http://w.mawebcenters.com/rctcclickertraining1/ecommerce/

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