Ear Candling? What’s that?

The Art of Ear Candling

Ear Candling, also referred to as Ear Coning or thermal-auricular therapy, was once used as an ancient remedy for multiple ear problems, and is now making a comeback in modern times. This treatment was used in India, China, Tibet, Egypt, Mayan, Aztec and Native American cities. This practice was used to cleanse the ear canal and as well have a spiritual practice for clearing the mind and senses. In modern times, ear candling is a non-invasive treatment that draws our excessive earwax and any minor impurities that may be present in the ear canal. Ear wax accumulation is one of the most common otologic conditions that is commonly seen in primary care. The process returns the body to a harmonious state of functioning as well as strengthens the body’s capability of healing itself.

Benefits of Ear Candling

  • Relieves sinus pain and pressure
  • Relieves tinnitus (ringing in ears)
  • Removes ear wax build up
  • Aids in reliving swimmers ear
  • Relieves itchy ears
  • Helps unplug ears
  • Helps with ear infections

     Our candles here at Healing Hands are made up of strips of fabric that are shaped into a cone. They are dipped in paraffin or beeswax to allow them to hold the candle shape. They are also four to six times longer than your average ear candle to provide maximum benefit. We have many different varieties of candles that have distinct mental and physical healing properties. Rose and lady’s slipper focus mainly on the heart and self-confidence. Our respiratory refresher, and native blend are for those who have any issues concerning your head and lungs. The Easter Lily helps aid in cleansing the organs of physical generation. These are some of the many candles we carry.

  If you feel uneasy about ear candling, don’t fret, the procedure is fairly simple and virtually no discomfort associated with it. People most commonly say that it is relaxing and relieving. During this one hour long process, one end of the waxed cloth is lit and the other is placed into your ear. The flame is extinguished and/or cut back from you between 5cm to 10cm away. You will lying on one side with the treated ear uppermost and the candle directly inserted into the external auditory canal. The smoke from the candle creates a negative pressure drawing wax and debris out of the ear canal. This residue can vary in color from yellow to brownish-black. This restorative treatment incorporates aromatherapy starting and ending with a relaxing scalp massage.

       Ear Candling can benefit all ages, from children to elderly. Those who have had surgery on the ears, nose, throat or sinuses are recommended to wait until after their recovery process.

Ear candling is NOT recommended for a person with: cysts in the ears, high blood pressure, on-going ear or sinus infections, cochlear implants, inflammation in the ears, perforated eardrums, grommets or tubes in the ears, acute otosclerosis, mastoiditis, and difficulty breathing around small amounts of smoke or allergies to any products in the candle.

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