Canine Treatments

Canine Treatments

Lynne has been working with animals her whole life. Training agility, behavioral evaluation & treatment, breeding, canine treatments to massage therapy, Lynne incorporates her passion and love of animals in all areas. She is thrilled to merge her canine business, Redline Canine Training Center, with Healing Hands Therapy Center, establishing Healing Hands & Paws in 2016.

Canine Massage

Available in 30 or 60 minute sessions to address simple concerns, stress reduction or used as an evaluation to develop a treatment plan.


Performance Therapy

These sessions are designed to help your dog reach its full potential whether your companion animal or performance partner. A focus on site specific areas as well as comprehensive rehabilitation treatment plans and/or wellness and preventative care is provided.Canine Treatments

  • Injury recovery
  • Flexibility/Mobility
  • Ring Stress


Energetic Healing

Using “universal life energy” a gentle, noninvasive holistic energy system that yields powerful results for the mind body and spirit. It is great for animals because they control the treatment, accepting only what they want and need.

  • Connect with your dog
  • Advance teamwork
  • Reduce ring stress


Massage and Energy Healing Combination

This is a great choice for almost any application. The energy work is always flowing and the infusion of massage into the energy increases the healing power.


Aromatherapy & Custom Blending

Awakening the sense of smell in your best friend can aid in healing, reduce stress and provide an overall sense of well being. We can also custom blend an aromatherapy oil designed especially for the needs of your canine partner. Aromatherapy can also be a great add-on to any of our services.


Canine Treatment

Two and Four Legged Therapies

As long as you’re here treat yourself to a relaxing massage while we work with your canine partner. This service can be done in the same room or in your own private room. We have many different packages available to suit your needs such as:

An hour for you and thirty minutes for your Best Friend


Specialized custom services

Healing Hands and Paws is pleased to prepare a custom program to suit your needs. Catering to the Canine Athlete, we can customize your own targeted program from hands on work to mental preparation for both the Canine and their handler. Call for a custom Quote and free consultation!!


Behavioral Consultation

Healing Hands and Paws, a division of Redline Canine Training Center and Behavioral Consultation is proud to offer Dog training services in addition to Canine Massage. Please see our website for additional information.

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