Benefits of Canine Massage!

Just like humans, dogs can benefit from massage in a lot of the same ways! The massage techniques are just as effective; and the results are just as astonishing! And take it from us – your dog will thank you! 🙂

Reasons to seek massage for your pet could include:

  1. pain reduction/management
  2. rehabilitation after injury or surgery
  3. improvement of joint mobility and ease of movement
  4. reduction of emotional problems caused by trauma, anxiety, or fear
  5. ease or comfort to the effects of aging
  6. pure relaxation!

The main benefits of massage for your dog fall into the categories of physical benefits, emotional benefits, communication benefits, and bonding benefits!

First off, physical touch in a calm, loving, and welcoming way promotes our dogs to relax and reap the benefits. It’s so important for our pet’s to be able to relax in a safe and protected environment, especially after experiencing trauma. Even for nervous and aggressive dogs, massage can provide comfort being around people, touched by people, slowly reducing anxiety or defense mechanisms.

Canine massage is also a great way to do a weekly wellness check to assess any changes in your dogs health. And by detecting new lumps and bumps, or areas sensitive to your pet, you’re able to detect real problems earlier, with the ability to treat and relieve the symptoms and/or problem your pet is having as quickly as possible.

Other physical benefits include the improvement of the flow of all body systems, clearing out disease or infection, promoting a faster healing time and a stronger immune system, better flowing circulation and elimination processes throughout the body; increasing your pet’s energy while reducing muscle or joint aches and/or weakness – and overall giving your dog a longer, healthier, and happier life!

Aside from all the physical benefits that relate similarly to those of humans; the emotional, connection and/or bonding types of benefits are unique for a dog massage. Your dog gets to feel understood, valued, and accepted. Your dog recognizes that you’re providing him/her with something they can’t provide themselves. And we all know how our dogs love attention!! The time spent during the dog massage, is solely focused on your pet’s comfort and well-being. Your pet will appreciate this and you!

Because a silent communication is exchanged during canine massage, this actually aids in the process of training your canine! You will learn how to communicate to your dog through physical touch alone — or through movements and actions; terms they can actually understand! A new level of bonding and understanding comes through this very special interaction.

And ultimately, dog massage gives your dog love! Your dog will not be able to mistake this act of greatness as anything but a great attempt to give and show them love, just increasing the bond you two share!

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