Ayurvedic Counseling

Ayurvedic Counseling is a Personal Assessment using this unique approach of Eastern Medicine. We help you identify your personality (dosha) type and discover where your balances and imbalances lie. Using Meditation, diet, yoga, exercise, nature and herbs, you can bring your life back into balance. Treat yourself to this healthy modality and discover a new and refreshing life style.

Emotional Balancing

Unlock your hidden, sacred self through a series of therapeutic techniques designed to aid in physical and mental healing. Refresh yourself to this gentle approach to wellness.
$90.00 for session


Instruction in mindfulness and meditation is available either in a group session or one on one. Experience the deep, relaxing physical and mental benefits of meditation.
$40.00 for individual. Inquire about group rates.


Healing Hands Therapy Center provides ayurvedic counseling at our Wauwatosa location including teaching meditation techniques. Ayurvedic counseling is handled at our Milwaukee area clinic by Lynne Luckow & Edie Starrett. Lynne has studied for four years under Deepak Chopra and is accredited by him to use Ayurveda to diagnose and treat patients.

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