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Cupping Therapy, What is it?

And why should I try it? Cupping Therapy has become quite a popular treatment lately.  If you watched any of the swimming events during the recent Olympic games, you probably noticed the dark red circles Michael Phelps was sporting. While it may have just grabbed the attention of the general public, cupping has been around for quite some time. Ebers

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Alignment Yoga

How is Alignment Yoga different from other forms of yoga? Yoga is believed to have originated in India, where many people practice it as a lifestyle, and a means to enlightenment. Yoga is the practice of life and living, how to treat others, respect for your body and the world. In the western world, we mostly use this practice as a

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Crystal Singing Bowls? Does it work?

How can sound have healing properties? Think about how sound makes you feel, when a song you love comes on, doesn’t it make you happier?  Sound affects us all the time, soothing and calming sounds can heal, just as jarring and harsh sounds can harm.Studies have shown that our mind reacts positively to music. Music therapy is becoming an increasingly

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