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For over 25 years, healing hands has been the premiere Milwaukee massage therapy clinic, going beyond relaxation to offer improved quality of life through a combination of proven healing modalities. healing hands is the oldest massage therapy center in Milwaukee – as other massage therapists come and go, healing hands has stayed around because of the unique massage and wellness services we provide to people recovering from accidents, work injuries, general pain, sports trauma, migraine headaches, spinal cord injuries and much more. Many treatments from healing hands may be covered under health insurance or worker’s compensation.

At healing hands, we have a wide range of services and plans to fit anyone’s needs – from massage therapy for relaxation and stress relief, to precision neuromuscular therapy for chronic pain relief, our Wauwatosa massage clinic offers a complete array of healing modalities, tailored to YOU.

A community based therapeutic healing center. 


Give us a call today at (414) 476-9008 for more information.

Massage Therapy

Massage provides relief to people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Canine Treatments

Treatments & training for your canine companion.

Private Yoga Sessions

The Greatest Wealth is Health.

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Our Classes

Tuesday 5:30pm Yoga

July 31, 2018 - 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Thursday 12:30 pm Yoga

June 28, 2018 - 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

Happy Customers

  • "I was very happy to see Cindy. She was very good and had great suggestions for me."

  • "Jason was AWESOME!!! He gave really great advice. Scheduling another appt. for sure!"

  • "Cindy was supportive and great at explaining the massage process and aftercare. I haven't had many massages before, but Cindy made me feel comfortable and was the only massage therapist I've ever encountered who gave me aftercare instructions."

  • "Great experience. Knowledgeable. Professional. Peaceful environment. I recommend."

    Debra C.

  • "I took Sophia my yellow lab there today for a massage with Jason. He was amazing and OMG. You could tell he was truly connecting with Sophia and she loved every minute of it."

    Donna L.

  • "Jessica is knowledgeable and personal and she made me feel comfortable. I have had massages before, but she is a gem. I will keep coming regularly. She is great!"

  • "Great place, nice people. I received a massage from (Deondre ) it was awesome.Best experience i ever had truly recommend you hurry up and see him."

    India L.

  • "I had my first professional massage by Michael today. The entire experience was awesome sauce. Very relaxing,very effective. Reception staff was great. Michael was great, he didn't chatter throughout the massage. Spoke only when needed and was very informing of the process and aftercare. I will be back!"

    Mellissa G.

  • "I had a massage therapist for 4 years and Cindy helped me more in first visit."

    Chris J.

  • "I was impressed and very much enjoyed the massage. It was relaxing. Thank you!"

    Jane L.

  • "This clinic has helped alleviate my neck and back pain due to repetitive motion stress and improper lifting techniques. The location is convenient with ample parking. The front office is friendly, efficient and communicative with a thoughtful interior design. The massage therapist takes the time to understand exactly the nature and locations of pain and stress, explains procedures, creates a relaxing atmosphere, is professional, and gets results! The therapy sessions themselves are stress and anxiety free. I give this clinic my highest recommendation."

    Tim D.

  • "I have been coming to Healing Hands for a couple years now. After searching and searching for great customer service and great massages, I finally found it here. I call to make an appointment any day and get it almost immediately. I love that service. I would recommend this place for anyone who has lower back pain. They know what they are doing. Tess is so good....!"

    Michael G.

  • "I've been going here for a few months now. Every 2 weeks I see deondre and he is amazing and great to work with!!! Love the environment and the people and the prices and the specials they have. Prices are great and reasonable!!! The only massage place I go to."

    Melanie H.

  • "I enjoy my Reiki massage, with Deondre, and the great customer service."

    Ashley W.

  • "I love going here. I always see Deondre. He is great to work with!!! Love the environment and the people here. The prices are great and the specials they run are amazing."

    Sara F.

  • "Love this place I would recommend to anyone! I had a problem with my hip and then my knees started to bother me. Once she put me back into alignment I felt great."

    Tina K.

  • "I went for an ear candling. Wonderful time with Jourdan. Will be returning soon."

    Tamra Q.

  • "Healing hands was simply wonderful! Just great! I loved every minute of it! I highly recommend this to you. Very nice clean and professional...."

    Valencia M.

  • "Healing hands is (hands down) the BEST! After personal training, physical therapy, etc., nothing was helping my shoulder. And then Tess from Healing Hands came to my rescue! She is AMAZING at what she does and totally cured my shoulder. Highly recommend!!!"

    Amanda C.

  • "Two of the best massages I've had. Massage Therapists are incredibly knowledgeable and talented. Nothing worse than someone mistaking bone for a knot...these guys are fantastic."

    Erin C.

  • "Deondre is awesome. He is very knowledgeable and offered helpful suggestions. I experienced substantial pain relief in my neck after my first visit."

    Sarah G.

  • "I was extremely stressed and emotional with relationships, work and personal family situations. Massage left me feeling way better. Deondre was attentive and provided excellent service."

    Ebony H.

  • "The space is very warm and welcoming to two-legged and four-legged relaxation and treatment seekers."

    Cassie B.

  • "Great massage and competitive prices."

    Jennifer L.

  • "I love the incense (aromatherapy) on the way in. Nice touch!"

    Mark H.

  • "Healing Hands is (hands down) the BEST! After personal training, physical therapy, etc., nothing was helping my shoulder. And then Tess from Healing Hands came to my rescue! She is AMAZING at what she does and totally cured my shoulder. Highly recommend!!!!!"

    Amanda C.

  • "I saw Christine this week.... and I must share my experience! I have MULTIPLE major health and chronic pain problems. I had brain Surgery this past July and have had nothing but pain since...Till now....Christine was knowledgeable, listened to my concerns and worked with me to come up with the best course for my pain. She was attentive, gentle and caring and I even recommended her to my  Chiari  Support Groups! I'm still pain free three days later!!! Get ready Christine, you're gonna be a busy lady!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)"

    Karen S.

  • "All together healing hands massage therapy clinic has given me a better quality of life! healing hands has provided me with post surgical neck, shoulder, and back pain relief through the use of massage. It has greatly reduced scar tissue build-up and continuously prevents additional build-up. This has allowed an increased range of motion in my back, shoulders, neck, and arms. Massage has also improved my posture and has reduced many of my headaches which are a result of surgery.   All together healing hands massage therapy clinic has given me a better quality of life!"

    Jason P.

  • Britta N.
  • Drew W.
  • Davietta B.
  • Debra C.
  • Donna L.
  • Marina M.
  • India L.
  • Mellissa G.
  • Chris J.
  • Jane L.
  • Tim D.
  • Michael G.
  • Melanie H.
  • Ashley W.
  • Sara F.
  • Tina K.
  • Tamra Q.
  • Valencia M.
  • Amanda C.
  • Erin C.
  • Sarah G.
  • Ebony H.
  • Cassie B.
  • Jennifer L.
  • Mark H.
  • Amanda C.
  • Karen S.
  • Jason P.

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